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Comprehensive Sub-surface GPR Analysis

A high-frequency radar wave governed by electromagnetic properties is propagated into the ground at a rapid rate. The two-way travel time of the wavelength is measured. The speed of the radar wave is dependent on the material it is penetrating. Anytime the wave passes a boundary (change in physical properties) an anomaly is seen in the data set and can be marked out in real time by a certified GPR Technician.

  • Rebar placement and concrete cover
  • Locate electrical conduits and in-floor heating lines
  • The depth dowelled into the adjoining slab
  • Slab thickness
  • Detect voids and cavitation under the slab
  • Confirm and identify structural components embedded in concrete
  • Pile and grade beam placement
  • Determine if cinder block walls are hollow or filled with concrete
  • Locate post-tension cables
  • Detect hollows in pre-tensioned, pre-cast, hollow-core panels without removing the topping/carpet


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